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Stories of 'Chassidic Fanatics'

(Identities disclosed at the bottom of the post)

Chassidic Fanatic #1:

When ____________________ dwelled in the city of Snavosk, he was neighbors with someone, and there was a girl who, a number of times, was going in and out of the house of ___________________, and ____________________ would tilt his head the other way. Once it happened when he was sitting with a group of followers, and learning Torah, and she was going in and out as usual, and he could not hold himself back and said to her: What are you walking around here for! What does she want from us! Does she think we are angels!", and she left the room accompanied by scolding.

UPDATE: I saw this story, exactly as quoted, in a Kuntress called Alei Ayin by R' Yoel Schwartz. I recalled reading it as well. I spent a very long time trying to find it in the Sefer which contains the biography of the CC by his son before posting it, and could not find it. After one of the commenters questioned its veracity based on the details provided, I decided to look again. After half an hour of searching, I found it in the "Dugma MiDarkei Avi" section, and I saw that it added there that the girl had her upper arm uncovered. I apologize for any confusion this caused.

Chassidic Fanatic #2:

Once ______________________ and R' Zelig Shapiro zt"l were walking together, and in the middle of the way an older woman walked in front of them. ________________ started to run to get ahead of the woman. R' Zelig asked him about this. _____________ responded that the Yetzer Hara for this issue is even at a time of old age.

Chassidic fanatic #3

Once we walked together with our Master to some place and we passed through the Machaneh Yehudah neighborhood, and in order to shorten the route I led him through the marketplace, and he turned to me with great anger and said "What have you done!! It is clear in the Rashbam that if there is another route, even if he closes his eyes, he is a Rasha, and how could you lead me through the Shuk!!"

Chassidic fanatic #4

Once a Bachur from the Yeshiva approached him and asked him permission to go to a wedding of his relative in some city, and the Master asked him whether he knows that there won't be any Pritzus. The Bachur started stammering and explaining himself and said, my father and mother and I will sit at the same table etc. etc., and finally he said "It won't harm me". Our Master was shaken when he heard this and he said to the boy, "Listen, I'm already more than 80 years old and blind in one eye, and even so when I walk in the street I an full of fear that I may stumble Chas V'Shalom in looking at Arayos, and you're a young man with two fleishig eyes you say it won't harm you!" And he told him a few other harsh words that are better left unwritten, he turned his face away from him and left.

Chassidic Fanatic #5

When _________________ would speak to a woman, he played with his Tzitzis so he should not come to gaze at her face.

[1 - The Chafetz Chaim - as told by his son.
2 - The Chazon Ish - (Sefer HaShemuah)
3- R' Elya Lopian - (Lev Eliyahu)
4- R' Elya Lopian - (Lev Eliyahu)
5- The Chasam Sofer - (Minhagei Chasam Sofer)]


A letter from 1986:
"We are unable to venture out into the streets, due to the publicizing in the public areas of the city of abonimable pictures, like the worst among the Nations - publications of Avizrayhu of Gilui Arayos BeFarhesia and a horrible infringement on the Chinuch of our children.

Jews who are YIREI SHAMAYIM who cannot hold back and repress their anger and their protestations against this despicable disgrace and COVERED OVER THOSE ABONIMABLE PICTURES WITH PAINT, are led like criminals, and they are treated harshly with fines and incarceration.

We call to all Yirei Hashem in Eretz Yisrael and Chutz LaAretz, to any individual with influence - in a holy call to save us, do not stand idly at this difficult time for Klal Yisrael, awake and arise, it is not the time to be silent, gather and take counsel to abolish the schemes OF THE ENEMIES OF HASHEM against the remnants of his Nation and Land, for it is at the core of Yahadus, do not rest and do not be silent until the land is rid from Pirtzos and persecution of the religion.

And in the merit of our standing guard to protect Yahadus for the honor of Hashem and His Torah, may Hashem see our poverty and fight our battles and redeem us a complete redemption for the sake of His Blessed Name, speedily in our days."


(The well-known Chassidic fanatics,)

Elazar Menachem Shach
Yosef Sholom Elyashiv
Shlomo Zalman Auerbach

{When this is taken care of, we can worry about people going to extremes on Lashon Nekiya, which is indeed a "grave concern" for Klal Yisrael at this time.

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