Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Iranian Threat to Israel

While I know that the threat of a nuclear weapon being lobbed at Israel, G-d forbid, looms ever larger with each passing day, I cannot get myself to be motivated to do some painful, gut-wrenching, Teshuva, by the potential of this unimaginable catastrophe. It is not even at the forefront of my Kavanah in Tefilla.

Why? The key word is in the previous paragraph - "unimaginable". The scope of such a disaster is so horrific, that I am subconsciously certain that, somehow, this can just never happen. Whether because of my cognizance of Rav Herzog's belief that there will be no Churban Shelishi (which I myself questioned on my blog, but one can never be sure), or because I cannot accept that my Father in Heaven would let so many Jews die in one flash of horror, or just based on pure delusion and dissonance, I can't wrap my mind around the possibility of a tragedy of such magnitude.

I really need to wake up.

I guess the worst thing I can even begin to comprehend as a potential reality is an announcement from Hitlerijad Yemach Shemo announcing one dark morning in 5767 that he has nuclear capabilities. The world had failed to stop the monster, Chas VeShalom, in time to prevent that from happening.

The abject terror we would feel, not to mention the possible flight from Israel of any Jews who had the ability to do so, could spell the end of the Yishuv. Techilas Nefilla Nisah.

And that could be determined next week!!!

I must form some image that will cast the full Eimas HaDin that I should feel, as I look forward, in dread, to the pivotal year of 5767.

There is a tradition from the Aruch LaNer that any year where Rosh Hashana falls on Shabbos is either very bad or very good.

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE, Avinu Malkeinu, make this year a GREAT year. A year of life, health, prosperity, and achievement of Teshuvah Sheleima for all of Klal Yisrael.

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