Friday, October 27, 2006

Did He Just Say That?

I've heard myself, and heard stories about, some butchering of Tefilla by less-than-perfect Chazzanim.

The top three I've heard (directly, or about) are:

a) "Mashiv HaRuach UMorid HaNashim" [Wow! (edited as per Bob's comment) Talk about male chauvinism!]

b) "Ozreinu Elokei Yisheinu Al D'var K'vod Sh'mecha, V'Chatzileinu, V'Chaper Al Nafshoseinu." [ Burnt eggplant parmesan doesn't taste all that good, you're right]

c) [From "Hineni He'Ani MiMa'as" ] "V'Sig'ar B'Satan L'Val Yashtineini" [Yuch!]

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