Wednesday, October 25, 2006


There's a fellow commenting on another blog who goes by the pseudonym "JakBlackFan". (I'm pretty sure he's commented here too).

I love Jak Black like a brother, and I hope his following grows in spades.

I think it would be appropriate at this time to introduce the chant of those who wish to join the ranks of the Jak Black fan club.

On the blogs he's unique
He's the one who's a clan
He's got nothin' to tweak
On his grace and elan

He don't turn the other cheek
He hits back like a man
Yeah, I'm the JakBlackFreak

Post six times a week
Or I'm sick as my Gran
I swear at Mishmar I'll peek
If I'm home or in Milan

If it's politics I seek
Or a take on the ban
Yeah, I'm the JakBlackGeek

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