Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Seridei Aish on Women's Hair Covering

Shu"t Seridei Aish Even HaEzer 78:21

"I have not come to clarify here whether this Halachah of women covering their hair is an explicit Din Torah or a Minhag Torah. Practically speaking, I am of the opinion that also from the perspective of Jewish morality it is proper that a woman cover her hair - it is thus that she shows that she is not excited about finding favor in the eyes of strange men, and she is opposed to having other men walk after her. Kol Kevuda Bas Melech Penima - in her home and in her family circle; and it is the way of kosher Jewish daughters that they are nauseated by strange men placing a covetous eye upon them.

The head covering of the married woman is bound together with the demands of Yahadus for Tznius, simplicity, and moral purity, which are directed at all Jews, men and women alike."

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