Friday, November 03, 2006

One of my favorite Divrei Torah

This Devar Torah really struck a cord with me since I read it, and I say it over often.

The Passuk says: ויצאו ללכת ארצה כנען ויבאו ארצה כנען - "And they went out, to go to the Land of Canaan, and they came to the Land of Canaan".

There's something glaringly missing here - What about the trip itself? They left - and they got there? There was no Kefitzas HaDerech here!

The Or Yahel answers that the first of the Passuk is descriptive of the trip.

When we embark on a spiritual endeavor - to learn a Massechta, give Tzedaka consistently, and the like, we are very enthused at the first moment. We are full of excitement, and determined to succeed.

After a while, though, that initial enthusiasm wears off, and we find ourself in need of additional Chizuk. Often, we fall apart.

Avraham was certainly very enthusiastic at that first step, when they first left to the Land of Canaan.But what about when he went wandering for a few days, "To the land that I will show you", and the trek doesn't seem to have an end in sight? Was Avraham still excited?

Yes - they left to go to the Land of Canaan - that same feeling that they had on the first step of the journey, they maintained throughout. Even at the moments where lesser men would be despondent, the end of the journey nowhere in sight - Avraham was at the same 'high' as that first moment of Vayetz'u Laleches.

It is three weeks since Simchas Torah, a month or so since Yom Kippur. Maintaining the same enthusiasm and spiritual connectedness that I felt at those points of Vayetz'u Laleches, of setting out to make this a year of growth in Avodas Hashem, is the challenge.

Good Shabbos.

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