Thursday, November 23, 2006

Rabbeinu Yonah on Too Much Blogging and Frivolous Blogs

Shaarei Teshuva III:177

(With the commentary of R' Matisyahu Salomon Shlit"a):

The fourth group - one who constantly spends time, in a non-fleeting way, for empty chatter and idle matters, as is the manner of Yoshvei Keranos (idle people).

RMS - This Letz we are speaking of does not harm or damage others, only that is his business which he deals with all day.
And there are two things wrong with this: First, 'Anyone who says too much brings about sin'.

RMS - It is impossible that he will not come to sin, either the sin of Leitzanus or Lashon Hara etc

And, secondly - that he is wasting time from Torah study. And there is, in this matter, the pathway of death, for how does he not pay attention that during those times that he is destroying, he can achieve pleasantness and acquire eternal life, if he designates those non-fleeting times to Torah, during which he is free from his work and his affairs. This is only that his heart disdains Mitzvos and the reward of Olam Haba.

RMS - A person like this is in the definition of Bal Tashchis, for he is destroying and wasting time, for anything which has value, and he wastes it, is considered Bal Tashchis. And so too regarding time, in which there is benefit to do good things during that time.

And besides that he lost much good, he will also bear his sin, for the guilt of wasting time from Torah when he has the ability to study it is a fire which consumes to the point of annihilation, as it says: 'For he has denigrated the word of Hashem - this is anyone who can learn Torah and does not do so, as we have prefaced.

And they, Zichronam LiVrachah, said, 'One who goes to a place where there is a gathering for light-headed joviality, this is a Moshav Leitzim. And about this the Passuk writes: 'And he did not sin in a Moshav Leitzim. And it says after this: 'Only in the Torah of Hashem is his desire - you learn, then, that Moshav Letzim causes Bittul Torah. And one who does not pay attention to this, to learn Torah is his free hours, should awaken himself and not be lost, and he should seclude himself during those times to think about his end,and to understand what will be his end, and to search through his ways, to acquire the (higher) levels of the soul and to draw close to Hashem Yisbarach.

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