Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Where Thanksgiving and Pesach Coincide

A father called his son living halfway across the world. The news was devastating: "Your mother and I, after 40 years, have decided to get a divorce."
"We've managed to keep it under wraps for a long time, but it has really been 40 years of misery and pain. There's only so much abuse a person can take."
"Dad! What are you talking about! You two always communicated so well! Never a bad word, always on the same page in raising us. Like heck you're getting a divorce! Don't you do a thing until I come down there and talk to you about it!"
"Come over, son, but I'm not going to commit to anything..."
The father then calls his daughter, from another part of the continent. Same news.
The daughter was even more distraught than the son. She was hysterical with shock and sorrow. "How could you? You love Mom, I know it, I can feel it, and this just sounds so crazy. I'm coming right away to talk to you and Mom about this. Please don't do this before I appear at your doorstep tomorrow."
The father hangs up the phone. He says to his wife, "Hey, Edith. Guess what. The kids are coming for Thanksgiving, and we're not even gonna have to pay for it."
And, now, I'll let the title of this post speak for itself.

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