Monday, December 04, 2006

The Klausenberger Rebbe zt"l on Rashi

The Klausenberger Rebbe zt"l was once sitting at a charity function and the speaker thanked various women for their contribution to the success of the evening. "Debby", for making some phone calls, "Sheila" for the flowers, etc. etc.

The speaker then proceeded to quote a Rashi from the Parsha and butcher it completely.

The Klausenberger remarked - I thought I had a Teirutz for a Rashi, but I see that I don't:

Rashi in Megillas Rus quotes the Gemara - וכי דרכו של בעז לשאול בנשים. [Is is the way of Boaz to inquire about the women?]. And he answers.

Now Rashi in Vayishlach asks: ודינה היכן היתה? [Where was Dinah?]

So I ask וכי דרכו של רש"י לשאול בנשים? [Is it the way of Rashi to inquire about the women?]

Must be רש"י איז געווען א פרוי! [Rashi was a woman!]

So I had that Teirutz.

But now, I see, (pardon my Yiddish spelling here) אללע פרוין קען ער יא,
רש"י קען ער נישט, [All the women he is familiar with, but with Rashi he is not familiar].

So now I'm left with no Teirutz!

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