Sunday, December 17, 2006

Shabbos Chanukah Calorie Count

(From Erev Shabbos to Melaveh Malka)

3 Sufganiyot
4 2x2 in. squares of alligator cake
1 mid-size slice chocolate babka
7 slices homemade Challah
2 2x2x3 in. pieces potato kugel
1 can coke regular
1 chicken soup with Osem soup nuts
3 slices pizza
1 mid-size portion of cholent
5 thin slices corned beef
2 thin slices smoked turkey
3 shots of scotch
1 dill pickle
1 serving cucumber salad
1 serving cole slaw
1 serving Israeli salad
3 slices gefilte fish with chrain
1 roast chicken (drumstick and thigh)


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