Friday, September 01, 2006

Uniting the Blogosphere

I wrote this post to stimulate discussion regarding "Unity in the Blogosphere", and to hear(or see) different ideas. In general when I post on any topic, I hope to stimulate discussion, and hear different and diverse ideas, which will be helpful in advancing Yahadus and Avodas Hashem, and which(hopefully) will be discussed in a positive and Darchei Noam-conducive manner.

As posted in the comment section , this is a group blog, and any idea for post-topics(or occasional guest posts, if we decide in the future to do them) will obviously be discussed with all of Mishmar's members. I did solicit ideas here, so feel free to add your ideas for topics of discussion in the comment section, or privately e-mail any one of the members(see each individual profile), so all members can discuss it together.

Those who live in the NY Metropolitan area are familiar with the WINS News("The most listened to station in the nation") tag line "All News All the Time". This is certainly an accurate description of WINS radio (as opposed to CBS radio which broadcasts Yankee games). How accurate is the tag line of each of the J Blogs? Are we "as cacophonous as a henyard" or melodious and euphonious?

For all statisticians and accountants out there, Gil Student has a breakdown of Slifkin vs. Non-Slifkin posts(I added some comments there as well).This is an interesting idea, and perhaps all bloggers can provide some type of monthly topical breakdown on whatever topics they cover.

I join in on the discussions on Hirhurim, and I like interesting exchanges of ideas, even(or perhaps especially) if they are not Slifkin-related.

In the interests of uniting the blogosphere, and of diversity and variety(and promoting Mishmar), I would be interested in seeing an occasional "guest post" from other bloggers here. I guess we would have to work out specific topics. The Bal HaBlogs (my term) on Hirhurim and elsewhere would be welcome here, from my end. Perhaps we will wait a few months, to allow Mishmar to go through its initial start-up stages, and consider the idea further. Anyhow, I am throwing out the idea for consideration to hear blogger's and commentator's thoughts.

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