Monday, November 06, 2006

It's Gone International

The Parade, along with the protest, has finally made international news. The report is actually relatively neutral, referring to Ha'aretz as a liberal newspaper (when CNN calls you liberal, you know you're out there on the Left). The picture shows calmly marching Chassidim (albeit dressed in sackcloth) rather than the familiar teenage antics involving garbage bins. However, it should come as a surprise to nobody that the organizers are more willing to compromise on the venue - after all, the initial plan is a direct provocation.

JERUSALEM (AP) -- Israel's attorney general refused to ban a gay pride parade in Jerusalem despite threats of violence from ultra-Orthodox Jews, instructing police and gay activists to try to work out a compromise, the police commander said Sunday.
A Justice Ministry statement said Attorney General Meni Mazuz ordered police to meet with gay activists "to work out a reasonable alternative proposal" for the march, set for Friday on a route through the middle of the city.
The meeting is to take place Monday, gay activists said, and a compromise was likely.

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