Monday, December 04, 2006

"Recognizing Reality"

The media are reporting that President Bush will accept the resignation of UN Ambassador John Bolton. As Michele Malkin puts it,

Very depressing news this Monday morning. We are losing a staunch, devoted defender of America's interests at the U.N.
Reacting to the news, Eleanor Clift chuckled on Fox News that Bush is just "recognizing reality."
If the White House thinks throwing in the towel and throwing Bolton overboard will appease the Dems or the U.N., it doesn't know what reality is.

The worst part of this sordid affair is that Bolton would likely be confirmed by a vote on the Senate floor. But the vote will never get there because of the likes of "Republican" Lincoln Chafee, outgoing (wonder why?) senator of Rhode Island who has a seat on the Foreign Relations Committee.

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