Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Third Ohel Benefit Concert

From "Every Neshema Can Soar", a musical video presentation at the Ohel Concert, earlier this month, sung by Shlomie Dachs and Son, to the tune of his "Hamalach"(click on song # 4, here, to sample):

"Tatty, I wonder, I am so blessed,
But my friend-he's very different;he's not like the rest,
He's so shy and quiet, he can't really play,
Yet he's still one of the letters, so precious, each one Hashem made ..."

"It's true there are special ones,
But he will learn, my precious son,
For I know the people who work and who teach.
With their skills they will touch his mind,
He will never be left behind,
And his Torah will be within reach.

The theme of the concert was indeed one of a Sefer Torah, and an actual one was dedicated at the concert.

Also unique was the fact that the concert was held despite a Broadway theater strike, thanks to the intervention of local politicians, as well as the dedication of the stage hands, ticket-takers, etc., who worked free of charge when they found out about the worthiness of the cause!

Featured at the concert were Yaakov Shwekey, Shlomo Simcha, Shloime Dachs, Chazzan Yechezkel Klang, Shalsheles Junior, and a child chazzan, Simcha Leveinstein.

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