Monday, December 18, 2006

Difference Between Segulos and Avoiding Cheeseburgers

The title of this post is taken from part of the discussion following Chaim B's post on the topic of advertising segulos(omens).

Personally, I believe that we should give the highest respect, and indeed cherish chachmas hanistar(Jewish mysticism). Nevertheless, one might legitimately ask, if specific aspects of our society, like the media and advertising, need to project a more balanced image of what the essentials of Yahadus are.

Do you think the arguable sensationalizing of segulos in the media is a positive thing? Perhaps it's not sensationalism at all, but merely legitimate advertising. There is after all, by definition, a sensationalist aspect in all advertising.

Feel free to direct your comments to Chaim B's post, to consolidate conversation in one location.

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