Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Plausibility Arguments

From an article by Professor Aviezer in the latest Jewish Action:

"I shall challenge the above views and demonstrate that there are, in fact, striking similarities between knowledge in the realm of science and knowledge in the realm of religion. These similarities will be shown to form the basis for rational arguments supporting the Divinity of the Torah. A rational approach to belief in the Torah and the existence of God has been the subject of several recent books However, this analysis is quite different from those found in other accounts....

"The scientific discoveries listed above—and many others—correspond to the words of the Torah. The many areas of harmony between science and Torah constitute important plausibility arguments for religious belief. In the twenty-first century, the person of faith need not feel apologetic about his or her beliefs.

It should be emphasized, however, that the comprehensive agreement between science and Torah described above does not prove that the Torah is of Divine origin, and it certainly does not prove that God exists. Plausibility arguments are not a substitute for faith.

Faith (emunah) is the thread that weaves together our religious beliefs and our practices."

As with any post of this sort, my purpose is to bring to attention an article which I find of interest, and which others may as well. My intent is definitely not to create a hangout for skeptics--frum or otherwise-- who wish to attack ikkarie emunah(key principles of Jewish faith). There are other places for the latter, and in any event, my time is limited as far as editing and monitoring is concerned. For now, I am leaving moderation off, but if you wish to comment, please bear in mind that this is a frum blog.

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