Tuesday, February 05, 2008

No Perfection

I am a rather lukewarm football fan, and was travelling in Manhattan, late Sunday night, during what must have been the final moments of the Super Bowl, or shortly thereafter. What alerted me that the Giants had won was when I heard jubilant cries when the subway pulled into three stations. Apparently, these New Yorker's disagree with the view advanced (see here) that "football is simply a bunch of men pummeling each other", as also was apparent with the parade which took place today in lower Manhattan.

What does interest me about Sunday's event was the concept of perfection. I am wondering if going into an important competition with a perfect record puts pressure on a team, and caused them not to win. Pressure can be an incentive, but perhaps this was a case of too much of it.

Today was also another "super day", namely Super Tuesday. While not as exciting as Super Sunday, it is much more significant in terms of current events, and I managed to vote this morning when the polls were relatively empty.